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    Article III: Membership & Privileges

    Section 1: Membership

    Membership is free, and is open to any student enrolled at Victor Valley College (VVC), who has attended one meeting within a month, and signed the membership roster. They shall be considered an active member, and entitled to all the rights and benefits noted in section 2.

    Section 2: Privileges

    A. All members of CCC are entitled to the following rights and benefits:
    (1.) The right, if eligible, to hold office.
    (2.) Representation by CCC leaders of VVC.
    (3.) Free or discounted admission to all club functions.
    (4.) The right to vote in club elections.
    B. Members of CCC are also encouraged to volunteer and participate in the following areas: greet and introduce visitors, join and lead ministries associated with CCC (if eligible, as stated in Article IV); as well as, assist in all other club functions and events.

    C. CCC may admit limited members (in accordance with ASB club code) who are former students of VVC. However, these members cannot run for a position in office.

    D. CCC leadership is concerned for the health, safety, and spiritual well being of all membersí needs (Galatians 6:1-2); if any problems arise, members are encouraged to contact any available member of the leadership team. However, if a member has a problem within his or her walk and/or home life, CCC leadership will refer the individual to his or her pastor (Hebrews 13:17). If the member does not have a pastor, referrals to other pastors will be made.