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    Article VI. Meetings & Events

    CCC elected Inter Club Council Representative(s) shall submit the selected ministry meeting times and dates to the Associated Student Body I.C.C. Senator.

    Section 1: Meetings

    A. General meetings shall be composed of these key elements worship, prayer, and bible study (1 Corinthians 14:26) for the purpose of producing growth in students lives and enabling them to effectively relay their faith to others. These meeting times shall be determined at least six weeks or more before the start of the new semester. If ministry is not re-chartered by the start of the new semester, current leadership will then decide where future meetings are to be held.

    CCC believes firmly on giving out the gospel message of Jesus Christ freely, therefore, there shall be no charges or fees for attendance of our general meetings; nor for the objects made available after each meeting unless it is required by the college or individual suppliers. All financial support shall be obtained through offering, which is taken up during these general meetings and in turn are used to maintain the means to offer these objects and meetings free of charge.

    B. Leadership meetings are to be composed for the purpose of encouraging, and equipping each individual leader with the tools necessary for the furthering of the gospel message and their ministries; and, shall meet twice a month on a specified Friday.

    Section 2: Events

    A. CCC, in compliance of ASB club code shall sponsor at least one membership drive per semester. These membership drives can be, yet are not limited to, the following forms:
    (1.) Outreach
    (2.) Prayer Booth
    (3.) Information Table
    And any other variations or ideas not listed above that enable the presentation of the gospel message throughout the campus.