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    2005-2006 Studies

Fall Semester 2005 Studies
Date Compact Disc # Speaker Message Title
08/30/05 MJS12 Alexander Rico Jesus the Dying King
08/31/05 EPHES6 Alexander Rico Christ our Cornerstone
09/06/05 MJS13 Alexander Rico Jesus the Risen Lord
09/07/05 EPHES7 Alexander Rico The Mystery Exposed
09/13/05 TTS02 Alexander Rico On the Road of Faith
09/14/05 EPHES8 Alexander Rico Admiration of the Mystery
09/20/05 TTS03 Micah Jesson Prodigal
09/21/05 EPHES9 Alexander Rico Walking in Unity
09/27/05 JHNS1 Alexander Rico Witnesses of the Light
09/28/05 EPHES10 James Davidian Spiritual Gifts
10/04/05 JHNS2 Alexander Rico The Word Became Flesh
10/05/05 EPHES11 Alexander Rico The New Man
10/11/05 JHNS3 Alexander Rico The Voice in the Wilderness
10/12/05 EPHES12 Alexander Rico Do Not Greive the Spirit
10/18/05 TTS04 Ismael Miranda Stand Up!
10/19/05 EPHES13 Alexander Rico A Call to Walk
10/25/05 JHNS4 Alexander Rico The Son, & the Ultimate Sacrifice
10/26/05 EPHES14 Alexander Rico Marriage, Christ, & the Church
11/01/05 TTS05 Micah Jesson ...Reject Abortion...
11/02/05 EPHES15 Alexander Rico Children of God
11/08/05 TTS06 Adrian Wooten H-E Double Hockey Sticks
11/08/05 TTS07 Alexander Rico Set our Eyes on the Task
11/09/05 EPHES16 Alexander Rico Servants of God
11/15/05 WWSS1 Michelle Drennan 5 W's Plus H of Witnessing
11/16/05 WWSS2 Alexander Rico Pocket Testament League Presentation
11/22/05 TTS08 Alexander Rico Man's Righteousness in God's Mirror (Campus Outreach)
11/23/05 EPHES17 Alexander Rico Spiritual Warfare
11/29/05 JHNS5 Alexander Rico A Call to Follow
11/30/05 PHIL1 Alexander Rico Interceding for Others
12/06/05 TTS09 Dennis Davenport Don't Quit!
12/07/05 PHIL2 Alexander Rico God's Great Plan
12/13/05 TTS10 Micah Jesson Bad Company Corrupts
12/14/05 TTS11 Alexander Rico Away in the Closet
12/16/05 TTS12 Casey Kendall Be Content

Spring Semester 2006 Studies
Date Compact Disc # Speaker Message Title
01/24/06 OMS1 Open Mic. Session CCC Burke Memorial
02/14/06 TTS13 Alexander Rico Manifestation of Love
02/15/06 TTS14 Michelle Drennan You Gotta Understand it to Talk It!
02/21/06 TTS15 Adrian Wooten Lord, Teach us to Pray
02/22/06 GENS1 Alexander Rico What's in the Beginning?
02/28/06 JHNS6 Alexander Rico Faith Displayed
03/01/06 TTS16 Alexander Rico Commemoration of the New Covenant
03/07/06 JHNS7 Alexander Rico Prediction of the Resurrection
03/08/06 GENS2 Alexander Rico Created for a Purpose (Communion)
03/14/06 JHNS8 Alexander Rico Salvation through Rebirth
03/15/06 GENS3 Alexander Rico Dead in Sin
03/21/06 TTS17 Dennis Davenport Be Blessed; Not Stressed
03/22/06 TTS18 Jackie Trost The Year of Samekh Vav
03/28/06 JHNS9 Alexander Rico Faithfulness to the Calling
03/29/06 TTS19 Alexander Rico Forgive & Forget? Impossible!
04/04/06 JHNS10 Alexander Rico Living Water: Fulfillment for the Soul
04/05/06 TTS20 Marco Alfonzo Personal Testimony (Communion)
04/18/06 JHNS11 Alexander Rico Spiritual Nourishment
04/19/06 GENS4 Alexander Rico Getting to the Heart of Matters
04/25/06 JHNS12 Alexander Rico Call to Come through Faith
04/26/06 GENS5 Alexander Rico Stories told through the Genealogies
05/02/06 TTS21 Alexander Rico Prayer of the Master
05/03/06 TTS22 Alexander Rico Anxious? Pray! (Communion)
05/09/06 JHNS13 Alexander Rico Christ our Great Physician
05/10/06 GENS6 Alexander Rico Judgment of Men
05/16/06 TTS23 James Davidian Sharing your Faith
05/17/06 TTS24 Alexander Rico Encounter (Campus Outreach)
05/23/06 JHNS14 Alexander Rico About my Father's Work
05/24/06 TTS25 Alexander Rico Forgotten Love
05/30/06 JHNS15 Alexander Rico Life & Judgment given through Christ
05/31/06 TTS26 James Torres Sr. Protectors of the Word
06/06/06 TTS27 Alexander Rico Count the Cost; Are you Prepared?
06/07/06 TTS28 Alexander Rico Work of the Body (Communion)