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    2006-2007 Studies

Note: To listen to the audio versions of the itemized studies; simply click the study title (only those hyperlinked, or underlined) and a pop up box will automatically appear which will begin the download process. Now, depending upon the size of the file and the connection you're using; downloads can take roughly anywhere between twenty to fifty minutes until competion. Also know, these files are saved as a WMA (Windows Media Audio Track) and so, will require a Windows Media (or Real Player) to play file. If you don't have one, you may download one by clicking either of the below images.

Fall Semester 2006 Studies
Date Compact Disc # Speaker Message Title
08/29/06 FS01 Alexander Rico How Can I Study the Word of God?
08/30/06 GENS7 Alexander Rico Genesis 7-8
09/05/06 FS02 Christopher Rodriquez Principles of Communion
09/06/06 GENS8 Alexander Rico Genesis 9 (Communion)
09/12/06 FS03 Micah Jesson What is the Trinity?
09/13/06 GENS9 Alexander Rico Genesis 10-12
09/19/06 FS04 Alexander Rico How Can I Be A Disciple of Christ?
09/20/06 GENS10 Alexander Rico Genesis 13-14
09/26/06 FS05 Alexander Rico Fighting & Winning the Spiritual Battle
09/27/06 GENS11 Alexander Rico Genesis 15-18
10/03/06 FS06 Christopher Davis Why are we Here?
10/04/06 TTS29 Marco Alfonzo 1 Timothy 1:3-11 (Communion)
10/10/06 FS07 Lisa Cash Trials & Temptations
10/11/06 GENS12 Alexander Rico Genesis 19-20
10/17/06 FS08 Chrissy Doughtery Charateristics Distinctive to a Christian
10/18/06 GENS13 Alexander Rico Genesis 21-23
10/24/06 FS09 Alexander Rico What is Water Baptism?
10/25/06 GENS14 Alexander Rico Genesis 24
10/31/06 FS10 Alexander Rico Prayer
11/01/06 GENS15 Alexander Rico Genesis 25 (Communion)
11/07/06 FS11 Casey Kendall How to Know the Will of God
11/08/06 GENS16 Alexander Rico Genesis 26-27
11/14/06 TTS30 Alexander Rico Decesion Follow-Up Counselor Training
11/15/06 GENS17 Alexander Rico Genesis 28
11/21/06 TTS31 Alexander Rico What's Your Image of God?
(Campus Outreach)
11/22/06 OMS2 Open Mic. Session "Giving Thanks" Luncheon (Communion)
11/28/06 OMS3 Open Mic. Session Praise & Prayer Service
11/29/06 TTS32 Micah Jesson Abortion
12/05/06 TTS33 Alexander Rico CCCI Summer Projects Presentation
12/06/06 GENS18 Alexander Rico Genesis 29 (Communion)
12/12/06 TTS34 Alexander Rico The Gift
12/13/06 GENS19 Alexander Rico Genesis 30
12/15/06 TTS35 Casey Kendall Behold the Lamb!

Spring Semester 2007 Studies
Date Compact Disc # Speaker Message Title
02/13/07 TTS36 Alexander Rico Love Defined (Communion)
02/20/07 GENS20 Alexander Rico Genesis 31:1-21
02/27/07 GENS21 Alexander Rico Genesis 31:22-32:1
03/06/07 TTS37 Chris Mathis Acts 15:36-40
03/13/07 GENS22 Alexander Rico Genesis 32:1-32 (Communion)
03/20/07 GENS23 Alexander Rico Genesis 33:1-34:7
03/27/07 GENS24 Alexander Rico Genesis 34:8-35:8
04/03/07 TTS38 Alexander Rico Christ Our Passover Lamb (Communion)
04/17/07 GENS25 Alexander Rico Genesis 35:9-36:43
05/02/07 OMS4 Open Mic. Session Prayer & Praise Service
05/08/07 GENS26 Alexander Rico Genesis 37:1-28 (Communion)
05/09/07 TTS39 Mike Murphy Spring Feasts Presentation
05/15/07 GENS27 Alexander Rico Genesis 37:29-38:18
05/22/07 TTS40 Micah Jesson Urban Missionary
05/29/07 GENS28 Alexander Rico Genesis 38:19-40:7
06/05/07 TTS41 Adrian Wooten Apathy? Who Cares!