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Banner prepared by Daniel Montes

    Article VII. Election Process

    Section 1: Nomination Process

    A. Must meet all General Officer Qualifications

    B. Must Have Filed a Leadership questionnaire (5 or 4 weeks prior)

    C. Must be approved by the CCC leadership by means of 2/3 vote.

    D. All applicants must be present for an interview with the CCC President & Advisor for approval, three weeks prior to elections.

    Section 2: Campaigning

    A. Applicants must create a short statement specifying why they are qualified for the vacant positions of CCC, and present it to club members.

    * Elections of all positions must be held at least one week prior to the end of the current semester. A Special election may be called at the discretion of the ministry leadership provided 2 weeks notice is given.

    Section 3: Election Procedure

    A. The CCC Advisor(s) Oversees election process.

    B. Members will vote by secret ballot once.

    C. Officers will be voted in by popular vote (50% plus 1).

    D. If there is a tie the advisor(s) will cast the tie-breaking vote.

    E. Advisor(s) shall tally votes following the conclusion of the last general meeting of election week.

    5. Positions shall not take affect until the beginning of the following semester (Fall semester).

    * It is the new elected leaderís responsibility to meet with prior leaders to discuss their newfound duties within the ministry. These spoken duties are noted in Article V of this document.